Let’s Talk About Workplace Burnout!

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September 23, 2023

Welcome to The Leadership Accelerator Blog. Burnout has become an all-too-familiar term in the corporate world. Simply put, it happens when we work too much and feel stressed out. Overall, it makes us tired, unhappy, and less interested in our work.

I read an article on Business Insider where a woman discussed her struggles with burnout, only 2 years into her career. This is a common problem faced by many women, and as a leadership coach who helps women accelerate their careers, I hear these stories way too often. It is very easy to get caught in the “trap” of working really hard to become successful, where we end up actually feeling tired and overwhelmed.

There is a need for ambitious women to learn to balance their careers with their personal lives. Here are a few TIPS:

💫Understand That Over Working Is Counterproductive
Working too much has negative consequences. It can make us less productive, miss work more often, and even make us want to quit our jobs. It can also harm our mental and physical health, making it harder for us to enjoy our lives at work and home. We need to find ways to deal with burnout, not just for ourselves but also for the benefit of our workplaces and society.

💫Self-Care is NOT Selfish
To avoid burnout and be successful in our careers, we need to take care of ourselves. This means knowing our limits, setting boundaries, and looking after our well-being. It’s important to understand that taking care of ourselves is not selfish. It is necessary for us to stay strong and do well in our jobs. When we take care of ourselves, we can handle challenges better and be more successful.

💫Changing Our Idea of Success
We need to change how we think about success. It shouldn’t just be about working long hours or getting many awards. Real success means being balanced and taking care of our bodies and minds. We all need to work together – companies, bosses, and employees – to create workplaces that support work-life balance and well-being. Companies need to come up with programs to help women succeed and feel good about themselves.

💫Finally We Need to Crush The Myth of Superwoman
Society has long romanticized the concept of the “superwoman” who can juggle multiple roles effortlessly. However, this ideal often places unrealistic expectations on women, causing them to overextend themselves to prove their worth. The early years of one’s career are crucial for building a foundation, but the pressure to excel quickly can lead to burnout if not managed effectively.

💫Way forward? Get a coach or mentor
Coaching can give you confidence, help you set goals, and show you can have a career that makes you happy and successful. https://bit.ly/leadershipceo

Being successful shouldn’t mean being tired and sacrificing everything else. We can change this by creating a new idea of success where women can succeed and be happy in their careers, where success and well-being go hand in hand. Right?

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