Hi! My Name is Dr. Shade

I am the Founder and CEO of Leadership Synergy Institute and the creator of the Leadership Accelerator Program. She’s an academic professor, leadership coach, and an experienced leader at top-tier organizations internationally.

She is passionate about supporting women to excel as leaders by providing proven strategies, frameworks, and the soft skills required to succeed.

Mentoring her students and working in corporate environments, Dr. Shade quickly realized that good, data-driven ideas and hard work aren’t enough to get buy-in nor influence recognition and senior positions.

What Members Are Saying

“This leadership program is full of useful frameworks and strategies that were immediately applicable to my day to day. I feel more equipped to handle situations that come up at work. The best thing about the program was how interactive, immersive, and collaborative it was.”

Kendra V.

I’m now definitely more mindful about how I’m perceived at work (personal brand!) and purposeful about how I approach projects. I highly recommend LAH whether you want to move up, or simply want to feel more empowered at work.”

Carissa M.

“I saw the immediate impact of being able to get faster buy-ins and credibility amongst my peers and I feel confident and empowered to climb up the career ladder higher. I highly recommend this program for any woman who wants to develop as a leader.”

Gloria O.